A Trip And A Friendship Of A lifetime.


Student Experience In Interstate Living or as they call it SEIL was first started by the former Governor Of Assam and the present Governor of Nagaland Mr. P.B. Acharya way back in the year 1966, with a soul motto “Purvottar Ko Jaano To Bharat Ko Jaano”. Last year it completes its 50th anniversary and I consider myself very lucky that I was a part of the celebration. Though the journey started in January 2016 for me the journey began in the month of December of 2015 when I left my home to be a part of the inauguration program. Rajnath Singh the honorable home minister of India was the chief guest along with Mr. Sarbananda Sonwal the then Minister Of Sports And Youth Affairs, Govt Of India. Along with the other dignitaries which include Mr. P.B. Acharya the then Governor Of Assam and Nagaland.

Delegates of SEIL From Different States

Students from across the eight North Eastern States of India were selected and were divided into ten groups with thirty students in each group. I was a part of group one which was also known as the Delhi Group. starting With Lucknow we were about to travel 5 different states.

DSC01063When We Were Greeted In Bihar while On The Way To Lucknow.

City 1: Lucknow

On arrival in Lucknow at 4:30 in the morning we were greeted with flowers of different kinds. We were taken to the office of the organization that conducted the tour. We were served breakfast and were headed to the places where we were accommodated. In SEIL we are not given Hotels or Resort to stay rather we are given a family where we stay as a part of that family. As soon as we reached the families we were given a very warm welcome and the members of the family came to interact with us. After the interaction session was over we were served Lunch. Finally, we went to bed thereafter. The next day all the participants were assembled and we were taken to different places for sightseeing including the famous Ambedkar Park, the girl power line of U.P, the historical places of the city that included the Immambara. After a long day, we finally got a chance to meet the members of the families where all the participants were staying. We went to a family dinner and came back to sleep. The next day was even more exciting when we got to meet and interact with the then governor of U.P. then we had a traditional session at the auditorium of Lucknow University and was bid farewell from Lucknow.DSC01146.JPGImmambara In Lucknow.

City2: Moradabad

The next stop was in Moradabad. The city was awesome and as soon as we reached we were welcomed like celebrities. The day which none of us will ever forget.DSC01387While attending a Press Conference In Moradabad.

We were off to sightseeing again in Moradabad and we were served the traditional Lunch of Moradabad. the food and the hospitality of the place were simply superb. We stayed a day in Moradabad and left for the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand through Pathankot.

City3: Mussoorie

Each Hill Station in India is Unique and this time it was Mussoorie’s turn to be explored. The place is awesome and the reception on arrival was again legendary. My host was a young man and me and my tour mate had unlimited fun with the host. The very next day we were out for sightseeing and to taste the brilliant flavor of Maggie cooked with special ingredients

DSC01532The Beautiful And Neverending Mountains Of Mussoorie.

On Our way back our host took us to a wedding of one of his friends and we learned about wedding rituals of a different culture.

On the way back we visited the famous Haridwar and took a dip in the holy Ganges.DSC01485Bank Of The Holy Ganges.

City4: Dharmashala

Then came the day we went to Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala it was. By far this was the best destination so far. The Beauty of the place was simply mesmerizing. The people were superb and the family where I was assigned to stay was the best people that I met. the name of the host was Arjun. He was again of our age and we had a lovely time together. This is one place that One must visit once in a lifetime.DSC01552A Stream That Never Dries Up.DSC01693President Of Tibet In Exile In The Tibetian Parliament In Exile In Dharmashala.

HPCA Cricket StadiumHimachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium In Dharmashala.

City5: New Delhi

After a one month trip, we finally reach the target destination that is Delhi. We were again welcomed as celebrities and were Taken for sightseeing immediately after the breakfast.

Delhi too had some of the unbelievable things in store for us. We went to the Redford and Raj Ghat.

DSC01720Raj Ghat, New Delhi.

Then we went to see the prison where Bhagat Singh was sentenced.

DSC01735And This was where The Legend Spent His Last few days.

That trip was no doubt legendary. It was one of the greatest learning experience that I will ever have. But most importantly it taught me one thing. It is sometimes okay to talk to strangers. Because if I won’t have then I would not have met the four best people of my life so far.


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